Boulder Beach penguin area closed for nesting

To protect nesting yellow-eyed penguins, the Boulder Beach Conservation Area will again be closed to the public for three months.

The closure, from December 1 to February 29, 2012, would give the penguin chicks a better chance of fledging and long-term survival from what was an important breeding site, Department of Conservation biodiversity programme manager David Agnew said.

"Humans' presence on the beach can restrict the penguins' movement to and from nest sites which affects the amount and regularity of food the chicks receive."

Without human interference, chicks can gain more weight, which gives them a better chance for the future, he said.

It was the sixth year the beach had been closed during the breeding season and Doc was very pleased with the support shown by the public.

"Most people are supportive of the reasons for the closure, are respecting the signs and finding another beach to visit."

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust general manager Sue Murray said it was a critical time for penguins so it was important to protect such a key breeding site.


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