Conga Lime: Groceries escorted by e-scooter

Some southerners will try anything to make sure they are not out in the winter chill any longer than they have to be. 

A Dunedin pair found a creative way to get their groceries back to their flat in a flash.

The pair were spotted in North East Valley shooting down the footpath in North Rd.

A young man rode a Lime scooter and towed a supermarket trolley behind him while a young woman on a skateboard held on to the back of the trolley.

This isn't the first time e-scooters have been used inventively by young people in North Dunedin.

In January this year, a man who goes by Jay Bud on Facebook, was filmed sitting in the chair while riding a scooter in Great King St.

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Along with the La-Z-Boy was also a video that was shared on Facebook of a pair of Dunedinites using two of the e-scooters to transport a bed.

The antics were filmed by Adam Peters who came across the pair after 11pm while he was skating home from work.

Mr Peters said it looked like the pair riding on the bed, at the car park near Supercheap Auto off Cumberland St, were having a "great time".

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One hopes said young people also returned the shopping trolley? Most supermarkets take it quite badly when their $300+ trolly is stolen