Fog forces cancellation of Air NZ Dunedin flights

About 800 passengers were affected by cancelled Air New Zealand flights in and out of Dunedin when heavy fog shrouded the airport from Wednesday night until 11am yesterday.

Travellers were either booked on the next available service or transported by road to their destination, an Air New Zealand spokeswoman said yesterday. Hundreds waited for hours at the airport while arrangements were made.

Air New Zealand confirmed fog at Dunedin caused the cancellation of six return domestic services to various airports.

It was the only airline affected by the Dunedin fog, as Virgin and Jetstar flights were not scheduled to operate at the airport during the morning.

Dunedin International Airport infrastructure and service delivery general manager Richard Roberts said the fog cleared at 11am.

On Wednesday night, a flight from Christchurch and another from Auckland via Wellington were unable to land at Dunedin.

It meant those planes could not depart Dunedin early yesterday as scheduled.

In total, five departures from Dunedin were cancelled: two to Wellington and three to Christchurch. Cancelled arrivals included two flights from Christchurch and another from Wellington.

Fog affected services at Wellington airport also, where an international return flight and some domestic flights were cancelled. International travellers were diverted to Auckland.

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