Invermay visit warning

An AgResearch letter has warned former Invermay director Jock Allison not to visit its Invermay campus without permission.

AgResearch sent the letter to Dr Allison after he visited the site for the filming of a video arguing against slashing 75 jobs at the campus.

''Turning up without authorisation ... is not acceptable and should you wish to visit our campus again, I ask that you contact me in the first instance for authorisation,'' AgResearch shared services director Andrew McSweeney said in the letter.

Dr Allison said the letter was ''rather pathetic'' and he stood by his decision to film at the campus without notifying AgResearch first.

''I don't intend to take any notice of it anyway.''

An AgResearch spokesman told the Otago Daily Times the letter was in no way a trespass notice.

''We have just requested that he simply follow the same protocols followed by every other visitor to all of our campuses, and asks permission to undertake any activities on the campus.''


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