Man whose punch killed father wins will battle

A former boxing champion whose father died during a playfight has successfully contested his will, earning a bigger share of his father's estate.

Clint Alexander was cleared in the High Court in Wellington last year of the manslaughter of drag racer Graham Alexander.

Wellington Coroner Garry Evans found Graham Alexander, 49, died from massive head injuries after being punched by his son during a night's drinking in Wellington in late 2005.

Clint Alexander, 28, contested the will "reluctantly" on his lawyer's advice, he told The Dominion Post.

"That was not my call. The lawyers talked me into it. They said, 'You've been acquitted. Why not go for it'?" I was reluctant the whole time."

Relatives estimate he has walked away with several hundred thousand dollars in cash, jewellery and a Harley-Davidson motorbike, and say he and his brother even tried to cut their own sister out of the proceeds.

The estate included cars, motorcycles, a race car and property. It was estimated to be worth more than $2 million.

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