Shoplifting, arrests and car crashes in Queenstown

A Frenchman was arrested in Fresh Choice in Queenstown on Thursday at 4.45pm for allegedly shoplifting.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said there had been an earlier case of two men shoplifting in the supermarket and it appeared they were experienced in the crime as one would stand in front of a security camera while the other concealed items.

The Frenchman arrested on Thursday was recognised as one of the men from the earlier incident and has been charged with theft.

• A car crashed into a farmer's paddock on Malaghan's Rd towards Arrowtown on Thursday at 6pm.

The 23-year-old Arrowtown driver was taken to Lakes District Hospital.

• A 35-year-old Brazilian man was arrested on Industrial Lane on Friday at 11.50pm in relation to a fight two nights earlier.

• A 22-year-old New Zealand man was arrested in Searle Lane early on Saturday after he was refused entry to a premises because of the level of his intoxication.

• Snr Const Blackford said the man allegedly threw a few punches and was escorted out of the premises on to the lane where he ''fronted up'' to the bouncer.

• A 49-year-old Australian was processed for drink-driving on Lucas Pl on Saturday at 9.05pm.

• The window of a parked car was reported broken on Lake Esplanade opposite a backpackers' hostel on Sunday at 12.10am.

• A 20-year-old Queenstown man was charged with allegedly driving with a breath-alcohol level of 558mcg on Frankton Rd on Sunday at 8.45am.

• A member of the public reported to police youths were ''doing burnouts'' on Broadview Rise, Sunshine Bay, on Sunday at 10am.

However, the youths had departed by the time police arrived but vehicle registration numbers were noted and inquiries were continuing.

• Police received a complaint on Sunday at 5.30pm a 53-year-old New Zealand man cut off the water supply to a Gibbston Valley property, so another Gibbston resident was without water.

• A 53-year-old Queenstown man busking on Queenstown Mall was given a pre-charge warning after he allegedly shouted obscenities at passersby on Sunday at 6pm.

Snr Const Blackford said yesterday police received numerous complaints from members of the public.

The man said he was frustrated by the lack of money being given for his busking, by way of explanation.

• A 35-year-old New Zealand man was processed for drink-driving on Frankton Rd, near Sugar Lane on Christmas Eve at 1.20am.

• A Queenstown man under the age of 20 was charged with driving with a breath-alcohol level of 253mcg on Lake Esplanade on Christmas Day at 2am.

• A Chilean man was was charged with driving with a breath-alcohol level of 472mcg on Christmas day at 3.50am on Gorge Rd.

• A group of three youths were allegedly found with cannabis and cannabis utensils on Dart Pl on Christmas Day.

Police arrested one of the youths at 11pm. The youth, who is under the age of 17, was referred to youth aid.

• An Irish national had to be escorted from a party in a residence on Sawmill Rd and property was damaged, on Boxing Day at 12.20am.

• A youth was charged with driving with a breath-alcohol level of 253mcg on Lake Esplanade on Boxing Day at 2.05am.

• A 29-year-old Australian man was arrested after he allegedly exposed himself and urinated on a stranger in Altitude bar on Boxing Day at 3.30am.

The man intended to shake the hand of an American woman, but instead exposed himself and urinated on her, Snr Const Blackford said yesterday. The Australian was charged with committing an indecent act and will appear in the Queenstown District Court in the new year.

• No-one was injured when a car collided with a parked vehicle on Sainsbury Rd on Boxing Day at 7am. A charge of careless driving was anticipated to follow, Snr Const Blackford said.

• An Irishman allegedly threw entry ropes to the ground and punched the head of a bouncer before running away when he was refused entry to the Boiler Room bar yesterday at 3am.

The man was described as white with black short hair and wearing a white top with a pink stripe.

Inquiries were continuing, Snr Const Blackford said.

- Source: Queenstown police.

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