Council denies request for extension to clubrooms

The Balclutha Association Football Club's request to extend its Glasgow St clubrooms was denied by the Clutha District Council on Thursday.

At the public forum, president of the Balclutha Association Football Club (BAFC) Mark Van Asperen told the council the club had put in a request to extend the clubrooms in 2006, but the estimate had come in at about $400,000, which was prohibitive.

The opportunity to use one of the old netball buildings from the Dreaver Courts came up, and the BAFC committee saw it as an opportunity to extend the building.

After club games, especially when there was a tournament on, it was "quite tight", and the club wanted to add changing sheds, toilets and showers to the extension, he said.

Kelvin Carruthers, representing the Clutha district physical activity strategy legacy group, said he was sympathetic to sporting clubs wanting to enjoy the social aspects of their sport, and asked for some compromise with the football club about sharing the recreation centre's facilities.

Mr Carruthers said the recreation centre was not intended to be used as "clubrooms", but could offer the use of changing rooms and showers, Mr Carruthers said.

Cr John Cochrane asked Mr Van Asperen if the club had a budget and how it planned to raise funds.

Adding the extension was expected to cost $25,000, and the club had $10,000 left to raise, Mr Van Asperen said. The work was expected to take place in two stages. If the council granted approval, the building would be ready for the 2011 season.

Cr Bruce Vollweiler said it was a strong club with good membership, and moved to grant permission to add the extension, which was seconded by Cr Bruce McCorkindale, but failed at the vote.

Cr Cochrane then moved the request to add the extension to the clubrooms be declined, which was --seconded by Cr Mary Johnstone and passed.



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