Between you and me

Australian singer-songwriter Fanny Lumsden

What are you watching and why?

Not much at the moment. We have been so full on with touring that I have not watched anything since January. However I will be watching Bridgerton because I am a sucker for a period drama.

What are you reading and why?

I have just finished Juno Loves Legs by Karl Geary, which is a book about two kids who grew up in the commission housing of Ireland in the ’80s. Incredible story. I read it because I love a location read and we were on tour there just recently. I am now reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is from the perspective of a French girl and a German boy during World War 2.

What are you listening to and why?

Lots of classical music, to be honest. This is so funny as this questionnaire made me realise I am my mother. Also been getting into the New Zealand spirit with some Mel Parsons and some Delaney Davidson recently.

Favourite weekend pastime?

Touring. Of course.

Favourite place in Gore and why?

Well last time we had a dip in the Mataura River and it was freezing. So not sure if that’s a favourite but it was definitely memorable.