MSK Medical Imaging

When you need an X-ray or ultrasound, you want it done quickly. MSK Medical Imaging can help with that. 
Southland residents requiring X-ray imaging now have more than one provider to choose from, thanks to MSK Medical Imaging’s expansion into X-ray services.
The locally owned-and-operated business (previously MSK Ultrasound) moved premises to 33 Arena Avenue in February this year and re-branded as MSK Medical Imaging to reflect the wider range of services now on offer.
MSK Medical Imaging Managing Director Katie McRae says the expansion came from a desire to provide patients with freedom of choice and affordable pricing, while also being a natural extension to the clinic’s ultrasound offering.
“Injuries often require X-ray and ultrasound imaging to diagnose correctly, and patients are now able to have both images screened with us. Our intention is to provide cheaper ACC surcharges and private prices than our local competitors,” she says.
The medical imaging clinic opened in 2020 with a goal to reduce wait times for ultrasound scans. They have achieved that, with their average wait time for ultrasound scans from referral to appointment being two-three weeks.
MSK now has the same ethos with their X-ray service. “When you’re given a referral for an X-ray from your GP or physio, you want to be seen straight away. That’s why we offer a walk-in service for X-rays from 9am-2.30pm,” McRae says.
MSK Medical Imaging consists of a passionate, committed, and experienced team who provide efficient and quality imaging services to assist in quick diagnosis and recovery. Owner-operator and sonographer Graham McRae is now joined by sonographer Nicola Carr and radiographer Rachel Buchanan, who are both very experienced in their respective fields.
MSK’s new purpose-built premises at 33 Arena Avenue has plenty of parking outside the door.
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