Judicial review sought

Former Queenstown property developer Basil Walker is attempting to file an application in the High Court at Dunedin for a judicial review related to the Otago Regional Council's involvement with the Otago stadium project.

Mr Walker sent papers by email to the court, the regional council, and the Otago Daily Times this week, but has been advised by the court that he must provide physical copies of the documents.

He expects to do so this week.

The papers suggest he is seeking an injunction to stop the regional council providing funding for the stadium and that it would be unlawful to do so until the council has completed consultation on its long term council community plan.

Regional Council chairman Stephen Cairns said the council would have to wait until the injunction was formally lodged before it could take the matter any further.

In the meantime, the council was trying to understand Mr Walker's injunction papers and was seeking legal advice.

While not able to speak for other councillors, he believed they would find the action frustrating, especially given the decision on Stop the Stadium's injunction.


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