Limes pulled from Dunedin

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Lime scooters are set to be removed from Dunedin streets over safety issues. Photo: James Hall
Dunedin is to follow in Auckland's footsteps and withdraw Lime e-scooters with immediate effect.

The decision was confirmed by Dunedin City Council community services general manager Simon Pickford late this afternoon, following a meeting with Lime's Dunedin representatives earlier today.

It also followed the announcement by Auckland Council this afternoon it would temporarily suspend Lime scooters' licence, after the company disclosed 155 "irregular braking" incidents - 92 of them in Auckland - of which 30 resulted in injuries.

Mr Pickford said Lime's Dunedin representatives had volunteered to follow Auckland's example and remove the scooters from Dunedin streets.

That was expected to happen from tonight, he said.

The scooters would not be able to return to Dunedin streets until issues in Auckland were resolved to the satisfaction of Auckland Council.

The solution would then be rolled out nationwide.


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But how is this even possible? Cull has said that 'The DCC' or 'him' (Cull) never had any say in the implementation of the Lime Scooters into Dunedin. Obviously he is lying, misinformed, or used to not standing up to be held accountable for things or all three

This decision was by Simon Pickford, Community Services, in light of information that there is a fault in the software. Information that was Not Known when the scooters were put into service.

A Lime spokesperson said, "the safety of our clients is our highest priority....etc."

a joke - their "highest priority" is profit... client safety may follow... but what about pedestrian safety?

Tui Ad right there

I am head over handlebars with this David.

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