Occupy Dunedin protesters quit Octagon after 66 days

The tent city on the 9th day of the protest.
The tent city on the 9th day of the protest.
Occupy Dunedin is occupying the Dunedin Octagon no more, with the protesters pulling down their tents and tarpaulins in the city centre today.

The handful of remaining protesters have this afternoon ended their 66-day occupation of the Octagon for the Christmas period and foreseeable future.

[comment caption=Did the protest achieve anything?]It was unclear whether they would return, or what the next phase would entail, member Kieran Trass told the Otago Daily Times this afternoon.

"This is not a battle to be won in the media."

The anti-capitalism protesters began camping on October 15, with more than 100 protesters and about 30 tents on the upper Octagon, reflecting a worldwide movement.

"I don't know why people seem to think we want to camp here, and why we want to be here for a long time," Mr Trass said.

Full coverage in tomorrow's ODT.
Full coverage in tomorrow's ODT.
Occupiers were aware the Octagon was needed for other events, such as New Year's Eve celebrations.

Last week Dunedin City Council contractors worked to replace turf damaged by the protest.


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