Collins to release Bain report today

Judith Collins
Judith Collins
Justice Minister Judith Collins says she will release David Bain's controversial compensation claim report after lunch today.

Collins has been criticised for her decision to have Justice Ian Binnie's report peer-reviewed by Robert Fisher QC.

She said Binnie's report made assumptions based on incorrect facts and showed a misunderstanding of New Zealand law.

She also accused the report of lacking a "robustness of reasoning" in justifying its conclusions.

The Justice Minister today said she would make the findings public after lunch.

Bain's lawyer Michael Reed said the was a step in the right direction, but they wanted to see it before it was made public.

"I would think we would need just a few days because as I say the Crown's had three months, and even though we're usually faster than the Crown, we would like a few days."

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