Alzheimers Otago

Living with dementia mate wareware can be overwhelming, but you are not alone.  Alzheimers Otago is here for you.

Our community educators walk alongside anyone affected by dementia for as long as they are needed. They provide support and understand that everyone’s experience with dementia is unique.

Alzheimers Otago:

  • Provide information and education about dementia
  • Support with navigating the health system
  • Help prepare families for when things change and guide them through transition points
  • Provide tips and strategies to manage challenges
  • Link families to programmes and other services
  • Connect carers through monthly support groups

Contact Alzheimers Otago about the range of free programmes and services available across Otago. While we prefer referrals from health professionals, a referral is not necessary to access our service.

If you are concerned about your own memory loss, or that of a loved-one, or have a recent dementia diagnosis, please contact Alzheimers Otago.