Dunedin cycleway cost blowout

Building Dunedin's cycleways could cost ''three to four times'' more per metre than first thought.

That news was delivered to the Dunedin City Council's infrastructure services committee this morning by the council's infrastructure and networks general manager Ruth Stokes.

Initial cost estimates on cycleway infrastructure were performed in 2011 but experience had shown true costs were considerably higher, she said.

Time had shown residents wanted a high level of design and construction, rather than cheaper options that could be spread further for the same amount of money, she said.

That approach would cost more than what had currently been budgeted for, meaning less of the network could be built for the budgeted funds.

The committee voted to continue with the rollout of the network, ensuring the design and finish were of the more expensive, higher quality option.

Whether further funds would be made available would be voted on in coming years, Mrs Stokes said.

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