The Classics: September 18

Chatter. Amy Rempel (piano). Jeremy Allen (bass), Jason Tremann (drums). Rattle CD.

This is the sixth album in Rattle’s ‘‘Jazz’’ series that was recorded in Indiana by producer Dave Lisik, then mixed by him at the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, and mastered by Steve Garden at Rattle.

The Canadian-born pianist Amy Rempel makes her debut on record with seven items showing her skill and dexterity on the keys in a way that successfully meets her intent to quieten the ‘‘chatter’’ in favour of delivering genuine messages in her musical creativity.

Rempel won a Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award and a scholarship to Indiana University, followed by other honours and public performances, and became a lecturer on jazz piano at the university.

Bass player Tremann shows himself to be the very experienced freelance musician, who has worked with soloists like Norah Jones and the Benny Goodman Orchestra. Drummer Allen is a faculty member of the Indiana Jacobs University School of Music. He has also backed a number of jazz luminaries in America. The three make up an empathetic trio that impresses throughout this disc.

Rempel composed the title track Chatter, along with Laguna Blue, Maison South, and Earth and Crystal. Christoph Waltz and Katafuzees were sourced from Dave Lisik, and the interesting version of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes was inspired by Jerome Kern’s original popular song theme (but not too recognisable.) This fine recording was made possible by finance from the NZ School of Music and once again the skills and initiative of the Rattle label and former jazz trumpeter Lisik are applauded.

Verdict: Sensitive jazz trio impresses.

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