Dunedin - it's better than all right here

Housing's affordable, it's quiet and it's close-knit, Dunedin's residents say of the city.

The quality of life in Dunedin is the second-best in the country, according to the latest Quality of Life survey.

The city's residents said housing was the most affordable in the country and also rated the city as having the greatest sense of community, with 84% of those surveyed feeling they had a positive overall quality of life.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the results showed Dunedin was on track with the council's vision of making it ''one of the world's great small cities''.

''In Dunedin, we share a vision and on several fronts we're getting there - like increasing job opportunities, enabling the pursuit of physical activities, supporting a rich art and culture scene and building a stronger sense of community and trust,'' he said.

''Dunedin residents also rate the city very highly on housing affordability, travel time, safety at night, and work-life balance, things that most people would agree are major factors in lifestyle quality and decisions about where to live.''

According to the biennial survey, 61% of Dunedin's residents feel a sense of community, 64% believe housing costs are affordable and only 27% feel noise pollution is a problem in the city - the best figures in the country.

However, not everything was rosy and there were improvements to be made, Mr Cull said.

''Some areas of concern remain perceptions around alcohol and drugs, dangerous driving, and issues with bus transport - yet even on these we are taking action, with consultation on a new local alcohol policy under way right now, and working with the Otago Regional Council on a new city bus hub.''

Dunedin's residents rate its drivers as the most dangerous in the country, with 83% believing dangerous driving is a problem in the city.

Concern about alcohol and drugs is highest in Dunedin, with 81% feeling alcohol or drugs, and related antisocial behaviour, are a problem.

Confidence in council decision-making was also an issue, with 35% not confident. However, only 46% want an increased say in what the council does.

The Quality of Life survey measures the perceptions of 5000 residents in Auckland, Wellington, Hutt City, Porirua, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Wellington was the city with greatest overall quality of life and 89% of those surveyed in the city said they had positive quality of life.

Christchurch and Auckland were the worst, with only 80% responding they had positive quality of life.

In 2012, Wellington (88%) also had the greatest overall quality of life, followed by Dunedin (84%).


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