Getting 'Hobbit' comments tall order

They were keen on non-speaking parts, and non-speaking they stayed yesterday.

A long line of people stood tall but kept their lips zipped when approached by the Otago Daily Times outside a casting call for The Hobbit movie in Dunedin.

About 100 people turned up at the Edgar Centre to convince talent scouts and the measuring tape they should be non-speaking scale doubles for actors in Sir Peter Jackson's latest film.

Each of them had to adhere to strict guidelines: they had to be aged 17-55, between 128cm and 158cm tall, or taller than 210cm, if male, and between 128cm and 153cm if female.

Most of the applicants seemed to fit the bill but none who emerged from meeting the scouts could share their experience with the Otago Daily Times.

In keeping with the secrecy that continues to surround the film, they had all signed agreements not to talk to the media.

That secrecy spawned speculation about which actors might join the movie and which would need scale doubles.

It is believed filming will start in New Zealand next month.


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