Responses support cable car

The trust behind the proposed High St cable car is pleased with community support, despite few residents returning a survey on the project.

Last year, 1150 households within 400m of the proposed cable car route were delivered survey forms, aimed at gauging reaction to the multimillion-dollar proposal.

Dunedin Cable Car Trust chairman Phil Cole said only 88, or 7.65%, of the surveys delivered in the Mornington and Belleknowes areas were returned.

Despite the low response, only one returned survey was against the proposal, he said.

"Based solely on the results from the survey, the respondents have unequivocally given their support for the re-introduction of the cable car to the High St of Dunedin."

Mr Cole said the survey aimed to gauge the viability of returning the High St cable car from the Exchange to Mornington.

The original High St to Mornington line opened in 1883 and closed in March 1957.

He said the trust would analyse the results of each question, which would provide "data that will be very valuable during the planning and other phases of the project".

It was envisaged the project would cost $15 million.

"As the project progresses, people will hopefully become supportive of such a scheme that would act as a drawcard," he said.

"It is now up to the Dunedin Cable Car Trust members to proceed with the project to make what has, up to now, been a wish into something of a reality."

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