New rehab name reflects blossoming future

Southern DHB has celebrated renaming the ISIS inpatient ward at Wakari Hospital the Puāwai Rehabilitation Unit (PRU) meaning to flower and blossom. The ISIS Centre has been renamed the Toroa Centre (Albatross), which has been the logo for the centre for over 20 years.

The Toroa Centre incorporates the Outpatient clinics (nursing, rehabilitation medicine, dietetics and speech and language therapy) and community services (District Nursing, Community Allied Health and Community Rehabilitation) which are all based within the building.

“It’s great to have the new names and all the new signage. Our service has changed over the years and ‘1 site, 1 service’ (ISIS), no longer fitted. Also, in more recent times, the names for the Ward and Centre didn’t have the positive association that was originally intended,” says Helen Murphy, Service Manager – Rehabilitation (Dunedin site).

Members of the Puāwai Rehabilitation Unit (PRU) celebrate the renaming.
Members of the Puāwai Rehabilitation Unit (PRU) celebrate the renaming.


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