Mosgiel drivers off the pace

Mosgiel Senior Constable Karren Bye is frustrated by slow drivers in Mosgiel.  Photo by Stephen...
Mosgiel Senior Constable Karren Bye is frustrated by slow drivers in Mosgiel. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Slow drivers are fast becoming a problem in Mosgiel. And Senior Constable Karren Bye has had enough.

''Slow drivers are considered inconsiderate because they impede the normal flow of traffic,'' she said yesterday.

Mosgiel roads were flat, straight and well maintained and there was no excuse for motorists to drive around the town so far under the posted speed limit, she said.

''But it has progressively gotten worse.''

The community constable confirmed she had issued an infringement notice for a motorist driving too slowly - 38kmh in a 50kmh zone of Factory Rd.

In a 10-minute drive around the township, the Otago Daily Times noted several slow drivers holding up traffic, including some who did not indicate or who pulled out in front of vehicles.

Clutha Taieri area response manager Senior Sergeant Al Dickie said he was driving near Henley when he observed a motorist driving between 70kmh and 80kmh in a 100kmh zone.

The driver then sped up to 100kmh at a passing lane, preventing others from overtaking. And after the passing lane?

''Then they went straight back to 80kmh,'' he said.

Snr Const Bye said slow drivers caused frustration for other motorists, some of whom were tempted to overtake in potentially dangerous locations.

Her message was simple - use your rear-vision mirrors ''because you will see a line of traffic behind you ... so just pull over''.

Senior Constable Lox Kellas, of Portobello, said overseas' motorists driving too slowly on Otago Peninsula prompted complaints.

''The problem is the frustration experienced by following motorists, especially those who know the road.

"Therefore, it increases the risk and the potential for crashes, and there have been reports of some pretty hairy manoeuvres over the years.''


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